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Sound AND VIBRATIONAL THERAPY, Meditation, and Yoga Nidra Practice

I'm excited to announce I have a new STUDIO space! 
I'm so honored to be working at Cryo Body Revive in Palm Harbor and to be surrounded by great energy, uplifting vibes, and holistic practices! This means I will be able to provide more group sound baths, workshops, AND private sound healing sessions in a private room!

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In this episode I share a recording from a live Facebook event in my private group. We discuss some of the things people don't talk about when talk about Manifestation. One of those things is that we are co-creators therefore we aren't 100% in control as many think we are. There is an order, a plan, inspired action, and we have a very powerful team mate: The Universe.

Excuse any derailments or side notes (or dogs barking) as this is a live recording. It is raw, it is unedited, and it is POWERFUL.

To join the private Facebook group, click here.

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