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Tamara , also known as Luce Bianca, is one of Tampa Bay's leading certified Sound Therapy Practitioners, as well as a certified Breathwork Practitioner and Yoga Nidra Instructor.


She uses vibrations and frequencies from voice and several instruments to stimulate self-healing, deep relaxation, and pain relief. Her main instruments are the specifically tuned singing crystal bowls, Koshi chimes, gongs, and an ocean drum.

Her clients are treated to invigorating and highly transformative sessions to unplug from everyday stress and tension in a holistic, safe practice. Currently, she facilitates Sound Immersions, Lunar Ceremonies, and Meditation in several studios and stores in the Palm Harbor area. Individual sessions are also available for clients looking to enjoy a more personal and customizable sound immersion experience.


As a brand new service that has been gaining popularity due to its effectiveness, she now offers Corporate Wellness workshops that include both Sound Immersion and Gentle Movement for those organizations looking to treat their staff and promote wellness in the workplace.

Tamara also offers private events and home parties and is a partnered with Warrior Wellness and Empath Hospice for community outreach.

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