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As many of you know, I'm a workaholic. I am working on not overworking myself, and that is taking a lot of work in itself, so I’m working hard to…  well…you get it. I have a problem with ‘Work.’ It’s always work, work, work with me. 


Working is neither good or bad. Like most things, we assign meaning and energy to the things around us, so our to-do list can have a positive, fulfilling, and exciting role in our lives, or we can infuse it with overwhelm, frustration and burnout. Or, if you’re like me, overworking means giving yourself a false sense of productivity. The more I do, the more I study, the more I practice, the more I engage, the more is on my schedule…the better I am (or so I think).


I create these elaborate plans and schedules for myself. Wake up super early! Train hard for an hour! Then practice this other thing without a brea!. Eat, but only these types of foods! Do not take a nap. I know you want to, but naps make you lose precious time!


The list of self imposed demands goes on.


As I’ve been sitting here working on my YTT training while juggling a million other things I am thinking of the rigorous Yoga practice I should be doing tonight. Practice this pose. Make this sequence. Study this posture. No exceptions.


The truth is, none of that is truly showing up for myself. It may feel like it is, but it’s not. 


When does self discipline turn into self sabotage? When does work turn into a vice to generate fake worth?


This is where I need to stop and honestly, truly apply the Yoga philosophy in my life. So I take a breath, slow down, and think about what showing up for myself truly means.


To truly show up for myself means taking responsibility for my well-being, growth, and health. It means being honest with what I really need to do, what I need to be, where I need to go, and how I can marry all of those things in a way that is balanced and healthy. 


I want you to take a moment and breathe. Just notice your breath. Where are you right now? No, not physically. Where are you mentally and emotionally? 


Is there a sense of rush? Where do you feel it in your body?


Is there a sense of burnout and fatigue? Again, where in your body do you feel it?


Is your mind filled with a million, ever  changing thoughts rushing at you all at once? If so, how does that feel?


Are you lethargic, unmotivated or just unsure about things in general? If so, breathe into that feeling, imagining light sending love and kindness and energy to those emotions.


Guess what? You just showed up for yourself. In this very moment, asking yourself these important questions, simply observing, noticing, slowing down…you just fulfilled a huge commitment.


The other commitments, the long schedules, the planning, the to do lists, the phone calls, the gym, the trainings…none of them will be fulfilled to the best of your ability and highest good unless you do the main showing up commitment of all:


Being present. 

Self reflection.

Self compassion.

Self reset.


In the end, the real fulfillment comes with slowing down and assessing oneself. 

Gain a deep understanding of your inner world, and then the exterior world will also be fulfilled.

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Have you ever wondered why you exercise, eat healthy, hydrate, take vitamins and do "all the right things", only to still struggle with weight, insomnia, anxiety, inflammation and pain?

As a Sound Healer I believe that every physical ailment is rooted in an emotional blockage. Of course, I've seen this in my own life, as I dealt with anxiety, severe weight loss, migraines, digestive issues, and more. Once I addressed the emotional energy that needed to be processed, I was able to heal and treat the physical energy with ease.  You see, the body is undeniably related to our emotional and spiritual layers. This means that to treat one area, such as a physical illness, we must address the entire being, also treating the emotional and spiritual side.

Emotional constipation is a term I use often, especially for people who have a hard time with losing weight. You may have heard that the brain is the "second gut", but did you know that the gut is also intricately tied our thoughts, mood, emotions?

Emotional Metabolization, as explained by The Institute of Psychology of Eating, is the process of digesting the emotions and energetic signatures happening in our emotional layer. If we don't address the emotional body, the physical body will suffer. Retention of stagnant thoughts, suppression of difficult emotions, reluctance to spiritually and emotionally digest feelings, all lead to keeping those imbalances in the body.

The same goes for inflammation. Inflammation is an important response our body deploys to protect us against bacteria and infections by sending white blood cells, immune cell-stimulating growth factors, and nutrients to the affected areas. inflammation can also occur during emotional stress. But instead of blood cells rushing to the affected body area,  C-reactive proteins are released. They are responsible for the "fight of flight" response by releasing adrenaline. Unfortunately, many of us deal with prolonged stress on a daily basis, and the C-reactive protein protein levels may be too high on a long term basis, leading to chronic health conditions and inflammation. Addressing the stress level, naturally calming down the nervous system, and allowing frequencies and vibrations to boost oxygen absorption and blood circulation, inflammation could be great reduced.

The list goes on to emotional challenges causing anxiety, depression, insomnia, migraines, fatigue, and chronic pain. Frequencies, tones, vibrations, hunt down any disharmony within the body, at all layers, and replace it with harmonious frequencies. 

There are many studies that detail the benefit of Sound Healing, such as some explored in the article, Effects of Singing Bowl Sound Meditation on Mood, Tension, and Well-being: An Observational Study  published by the National Library of Medicine. which state that the brain shows to entrain to the hertz difference between tones, propelling the brain into brainwave states of deep relaxation, such as beta waves or even meditative or trance-like brainwave states in theta waves.

 Sound therapy is an alternative, natural practice that has many values at many levels. The best way to find out if this practice offers the relief you seek, is to experience it for yourself.

All natural, holistic, and deeply restorative, Sound Healing can be your next best  treatment.

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